Two ballet dancers hold a posed embrace.

Ballet Photography in Augusta, GA

Ballet photography is a personal love of mine. So, enjoy these beautiful images taken in August, GA.

Ballet dancers posing together in an old church.

A Quaint City

Augusta, GA is one of my favorite places for a day trip from Columbia, SC. It has an interesting mix of history and hipness. A quick drive and I’m there. Firstly, it’s always easy to park. And the downtown is quite walkable. There are cool restaurants and cafés. You can stroll along the Augusta Riverwalk and see gar swimming in the Savannah River. There’s interesting public art to see including a statue of the singer James Brown. And it is home to the biannual Augusta Photo Festival, which first lured me there. Lastly, every time I visit Augusta I see new spots where I want to make portraits. However, nothing has caught my eye like the church.

A pair of ballet dancers pose together.
Dancer Anna Porter poses for ballet photography with a length of white chiffon fabric.
Ballet dancer Joshua leaps through the air.
Ballet dancer Anna poses in a purple dress.

An Old Church

When I came across the existence of the First Baptist Church Building in Augusta I immediately knew I wanted to do dance photography in it. Therefore, it only took me a couple of days to arrange a tour. The original owners built the church in1902. It features a dome, Corinthian columns, and huge arched windows. The building, abandoned for 20 years, is currently owned by the Sherman & Hemstreet Real Estate Company, which generously allowed me access for this photography session.

Joshua poses poses looking out of large arched windows.

The Dancers

For this session I brought in two talented dancers, Anna Porter and Joshua Van Dyke. Both currently perform with the Columbia City Ballet. Anna and Joshua drove from Columbia to join me on a rainy, thundering morning. I had previously done ballet photography with Anna, who also provided wardrobe direction. They were both amazing. We created so many great photos that it took us over two hours to cull out our favorites. Above all, we had a lot of fun!

Anna strikes a ballet pose in a window frame.
Anna Porter

Joshua poses in soft window light.
Joshua Van Dyke

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