Harley's Pet Portrait Photography Session

March 30, 2019

Pet portrait photography is a rather new endeavor for me and I'm really enjoying it. Our pets really are a part of the family and enrich our lives with their presence. Harley is the cutest puppy living in northeast Columbia, SC and made some wonderful images. I traveled to her home and set up a small studio in her den.  After showering me with puppy kisses, Haley got in front of the camera and shined.  Here are a few images from our session.  Contact me if you would like portraits of your fur baby made.

Harley's pet portrait sessionHaley 1Harley's pet portrait session

Harley's Pet Portrait SessionPet Portrait of Harley 3Harley's Pet Portrait Session Pet Portrait of Harley 2Pet Portrait of Harley 2Harley's Pet Portrait Session