This is a musican branding photoshoot with Bryan and Leah of Velvet Rodeo.
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Musician Photoshoot with Velvet Rodeo

While in Nashville, Tennessee attending Imaging USA 2023 with the Professional Photographers of America, I made time to slip out of the convention center between classes for a musician photo shoot with country music duo Velvet Rodeo.

Bryan McCoury and Leah, the members of Velvet Rodeo, are formerly from North Carolina. They are currently living in Nashville, considered to be the capitol of country music. They led me smoothly through Lower Broadway, a famous entertainment district full of honky tonks and neon signs. Even in the middle of the day in January, the streets and bars were bustling with people and live music bands. We worked in several locations, notably Printer’s Alley and inside the Johnny Cash Museum and Cafe.

Although I had brought along some lighting in case I needed it, the mid-day weather was partly cloudy. In addition, there was plenty of shade in downtown Nashville. So to keep things moving, I left the lighting in my van and worked with ambient light.

As a photographer, I relish the opportunity to work with artists from diverse backgrounds, and this musician photo shoot was my first full session with country music performers . Conducting the session in Nashville, a city synonymous with country music, heightened the experience.

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A couples photograph of Bryan and Leah in downtown Nashville.
Bryan and Leah pose in an alley for the musican photoshoot.
Bryan and Leah pose outside the Johnny Cash Museum and Cafe.
Bryan and Leah pose on the fireplace inside the Johnny Cash Museum and Cafe.
Bryan and Leah standing posing in front of the fireplace in the Johnny Cash Museum and Cafe.

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