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Preparing for a Headshot

So you are thinking about or have decided to get a new professional headshot. Great! Your headshot is going to be one of the first things people evaluate in your online presence to decide if they want to hire or meet you. Here are some important things to consider when preparing for your headshot session.

Be Yourself

First, you want to look your best, but you want to look like yourself. If you normally wear glasses, then consider wearing them in your session. You may want to wear a tie if you are taking a business headshot and expect to wear one at work; otherwise, you can choose a look consistent with your normal professional attire. Having hair and makeup done prior to your session is great, but keep it consistent with your normal appearance.


You want to be the focus of your headshot, so clothing and accessories should complement and not overwhelm you. Solid clothing in neutral colors works well. Bold patterns, bright colors, garish accessories, words, and logos can draw attention away from you, so avoid them unless that is part of your brand. Finally, wear outfits that fit well. Tailored clothing that is not too loose or tight looks great and helps you feel good about yourself. While preparing for your headshot session, make sure your clothing is clean and dewrinkled.

Consult Your Photographer

Let your photographer know how you want to use your pictures and what you are trying to communicate with them. Do you want a simple solid background or an environmental background? Will the images be used in graphic designs? Do you want to convey brand storytelling with your photographs? Will you need time to change outfits or build your makeup to achieve different looks? Do you need a referral for a hair or makeup artist?

A little planning and preparation will help make your headshot session a success.

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