This is a headshot taken of a man in a suit outside of the South Carolina Statehouse taken by John Lowry Photography, a photographer in Columbia, SC.

Preparing for a Professional Headshot

Whether you’ve made the decision or are considering getting a new professional headshot, it’s an important step in establishing a strong online presence and leaving a positive first impression. Here are some key factors to consider when preparing for your headshot session.

Embrace Your Authenticity

While looking your best is crucial, it’s equally important to maintain your true self in the headshot. If you regularly wear glasses or certain attire, incorporate them into your session. Opt for a tie if it aligns with your professional environment, or choose an outfit that reflects your typical professional style. Getting your hair and makeup done in preparing for a headshot is recommended, but keep it consistent with your everyday appearance.

Selecting the Right Attire

To ensure you remain the focal point of your headshot, opt for solid-colored clothing in neutral tones. Avoid bold patterns, bright colors, flashy accessories, words, and logos that may divert attention from you, unless they are integral to your personal brand. Well-fitted clothing that accentuates your shape will not only look great but also boost your confidence. Remember to have clean, wrinkle-free garments for the session.

Collaborate with Your Photographer

Communicate your intentions and desired outcomes to your photographer. Share how you plan to use the images and the message you want to convey. Discuss preferences for backgrounds, whether you prefer a simple solid backdrop or an environmental setting. If the images will be used in graphic designs or branding, inform your photographer. Consider whether you’ll need time for outfit changes or adjustments to achieve different looks. If you require recommendations for hair or makeup professionals, your photographer can provide valuable referrals.

By investing some time in planning and preparation, you’ll set the stage for a successful headshot session that captures your true essence and leaves a lasting impression.

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