This is a headshot taken of a man in a suit outside of the South Carolina Statehouse taken by John Lowry Photography, a photographer in Columbia, SC.

Choosing the Right Headshot Style

Are you unsure about which headshot style suits you best? Let’s explore a few options to help you decide from the different types of headshots. We’ll discuss the classic studio headshot, the expressive environmental headshot, and the versatile actor headshot.

The Studio Headshot

This type typically features a simple, head and shoulders composition against a plain background, often in white or grey. It’s ideal for professional purposes like website staff profiles, LinkedIn, or resumes. With efficient setup and lighting, your photographer can capture this type of headshot quickly.

This is a studio headshot of a man against a grey backdrop.
studio headshot

The Environmental Headshot

We make LinkedIn headshots.
environmental headshot

Taken outdoors or in a relevant work environment, such as an office or workshop, this style allows for a less formal and more expressive look. It’s great for showcasing your brand or adding storytelling elements. Due to the need for composition and lighting adjustments, your photographer may require more time to create the perfect image.

The Actor Headshot

Specifically tailored for actors, these headshots are crucial for casting directors to evaluate suitability for roles. They can be taken in a studio or various indoor/outdoor settings with a blurred background. Actors often opt for multiple headshots to convey different emotions and characters. These shots typically feature well-lit faces and minimal editing.

We take actor headshots.
actor headshot

No matter which type of headshot you choose, investing in a professionally crafted image is essential to leave a positive impression. Hiring a skilled photographer can help ensure you look your best and present yourself confidently.

Feel free to explore my gallery of different types of headshots and read our guide on Preparing for a Headshot to get ready for your session.

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