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Different Types of Headshots

Are you interested in getting a headshot, but wondering what style is best for you? This post will discuss a few different types of headshots. We’ll talk about the simple headshot, the environmental headshot, and the actor headshot.

The Simple Headshot

The simple headshot is a head and shoulders image taken with a plain background. The background is commonly white or grey, but may be other colors. This is one of the most common types of headshots. People often use it for staff and employee rosters on websites, as a LinkedIn profile picture, or on resumes. Your photographer can usually take this type of picture quickly once the background and lighting is set up.

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simple headshot

The Environmental Headshot

We make LinkedIn headshots.
environmental headshot

The photographer creates an environmental headshot outdoors or in a work environment such as an office, workshop, or other space. It has the potential to be less formal and more expressive than the simple headshot. An environmental headshot can be useful to convey your brand or to add storytelling to the image. Your photographer may need to take longer to find a good composition and get the best lighting for this type of picture.

The Actor Headshot

Actors use the actor headshot when seeking roles from casting directors. The casting director looks at the images to see if the actor is the type for the role; therefore it is important that the picture accurately shows how the actor appears. The photographer can create the images in a studio as well as indoors or outdoors with a blurred background. Actors may want to have several headshots conveying different moods and expressions. These types of images are usually head and shoulders shots with well-lit faces and minimal editing.

We take actor headshots.
actor headshot

Whatever type of headshot you are getting, a well-made one is important to make a good impression. It is worth the investment to hire a skilled professional photographer to help you look your best.

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